Emilgroup receives certification from The Best Employers

Its focus on human resources and concrete efforts to create a working environment geared towards the development of skills and professionalism have rewarded Emilgroup, which, for the second year, has received the important Top Employers certification, identifying it as one of the most committed companies in the HR field in Italy.

The picture presented by Top Employers Institute,” commented Sergio Sassi, CEO of Emilgroup, “shows us to be an innovative company that is strongly geared towards the company community, represented not only by workers and employees, but also by their families. This is an important point for us that is in line with our vision of the future: to be a working environment that is increasingly capable of stimulating, developing and enabling individuals’ fulfilment, as well as of supporting families and the community that it belongs to.”

The certification assessed several best practices, in particular talent acquisition and managementonboarding and corporate culture, as well as training and developmentperformance management and leadership development strategies. The result also rewards the projects implemented over the years through a people care plan: a series of activities aimed at raising awareness within the Emilgroup community of issues related to health and corporate welfare.

Emilgroup has proven to be an outstanding example of the highest international corporate welfare standards,” declared Luca Gatti, VP Human Resources , when the Top Employers Institute results were published. Receiving Top Employers 2020 certification means witnessing recognition of the commitment which, at every level, we dedicate to improving the well-being of the people working within the group, with concrete actions and projects, as well as with special attention to individual workers. We believe that focusing on people’s talent is not only necessary in human and professional terms, but also an important value for the quality of our product, conceived and developed thanks to the unique working environment that we have created – and continue to create every day – in the company.”


01 janvier 2020